IMF exists to explore, educate, validate, and apply methods that promote wellness and healing.

Discovering leading-edge techniques within the realms of genetics, epigenetics, nutrition, healing, exercise and mind/body to uncover innovative, effective practices of good medicine.

Investigating how one’s environment and lifestyle choices affect the expression or repression of certain genetic factors.

Researching the role that an active lifestyle plays in overall health, as well as its effectiveness in mitigating and treating some of the most common healthcare concerns experienced today.

Researching the human genome to understand how a person’s genetic makeup affects their health and determines the effectiveness of certain practices.

Employing and consulting experts in traditional and holistic medical practices in an effort to learn about and integrate the most effective healing therapies, no matter what condition a patient is experiencing.

Studying mindfulness practices of various kinds — from meditation to yoga, and many more — and understanding the tremendous benefits that these practices can have on maintaining health and overcoming illness.

Examining opportunities within the field of nutrition to help patients preserve their health, reduce the effects of harmful dietary or environmental factors, and even heal the body.

Delivering information and training to physicians and the public about the proven benefits of integrative medicine.

IMF distributes books such as “Get Well & Stay Well: Optimal Health through Transformational Medicine” by Drs. Steve and Sandi Amoils.

IMF funds an accredited integrative medicine physician fellowship program, as well as other training for medical doctors, chiropractors, and energy healers to study integrative medicine techniques.

Practitioners and researchers from IMF routinely attend speaking engagements in order to educate medical professionals and the public on the benefits of integrative medicine.

Past topics have included nutrition; dealing with gastrointestinal issues; depression; stress reduction techniques; non-drug treatments for chronic pain and fatigue; and non-drug treatments for menopause and infertility, as well as many more.

Funding studies and tests to determine the efficacy of various integrative medicine practices across every aspect of lifestyle and medicine.

IMF participates in ongoing studies exploring the efficacy and potential applications of various integrative medicine practices.

Providing opportunities for the underserved to receive integrative medical care that can positively benefit their lives.

Care of the Underserved –
The Get Well Program

The Get Well Program is an outreach program that provides integrative medicine therapies to individuals who could not otherwise afford them.

Grants and Partnerships

IMF maintains partnerships and awards grants to organizations that are providing or championing integrative medicine. At this time IMF is not accepting inquiries.

The Integrative Medicine Foundation (IMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of promoting the practice of integrative medicine and its place in effective treatment.

IMF is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its board consists of business leaders and integrative medicine physicians from the Greater Cincinnati area.


Your contribution can make a meaningful impact on many lives. Each contribution has a double impact — providing training for IMF Fellows who, in turn, care for the underserved.

  • FELLOWSHIP TRAINING — Contributions fund the training of the next generation of physicians, chiropractors, and therapists in integrative medicine. Fellows train and practice at Cincinnati-based Alliance Integrative Medicine, providing free or low-cost care through the Get Well Program.
  • THE GET WELL PROGRAM — Funds cover the cost of providing free or discounted integrative therapies to the underserved.

Make your check payable to Integrative Medicine Foundation and mail it to:

Integrative Medicine Foundation
6400 East Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

For more information or to discuss planned giving, please contact
Alexandra Crumley at (513) 791-5521.

You can also contribute by buying a copy of Get Well & Stay Well: Optimal Health through Transformational Medicine by Drs. Steve and Sandi Amoils, the medical directors of Alliance Integrative Medicine. All proceeds go to The Get Well Program.